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The veterinary practice of Dr. Thomas Reichel in Jena – North treats dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets such as mouse, rat, hamsters etc. as well as reptiles and ornamental birds. The Kleintierpraxis takes care of small animals of all ages from the birth to the seniors age. The range of available veterinary services ranges from the general examination and treatment, from the health maintenance through necessary vaccinations up to the preventive treatment against parasites. In the veterinary practice microchips are implanted on request and EU certificates are issued. Scratch removal and counseling for behavioral problems are offered as well as the regulation of veterinary occlusive feed in the case of established diseases.

24 Hour Emergency Vet Hotline Free

Necessary blood tests are ensured by close cooperation with an external laboratory. The equipment of the Kleintierpraxis offers possibilities of the ultrasonic diagnostics, the blood pressure measurement in dogs and cats and smaller surgical interventions on site. A patient’s admission is no problem. You can trust yourself with every health concern of your small animal to Dr. Reichel. One of the main focuses of the practice is screening by means of blood tests (geriatric profile: thyroid, liver, kidney, etc.), so that clinically not-visible diseases of your animal (for example, CNI in senic cats) can be detected and gently treated.

Is Dr. Reichel Provides 24 Hour Emergency Vet Hotline Free?

Dr. Reichel introduces himself

Dr. Thomas Reichel comes from a veterinarian family, which already provides for the welfare of animals in the 3rd generation. After studying veterinary medicine at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, he worked as a research assistant at the Federal Research Institute in Jena-Zw├Ątzen from 2004 to 2005. Already in 2006 he opened his practice for small animals in the Uckermark in Brandenburg. But Jena did not let go of him. The love for the city of Jena and its special atmosphere attracted Dr. Reichel back to Thuringia. He moved his Kleintierpraxis to Jena-Nord. In October 2013 the veterinary surgeon was reopened by him.

In addition to practice, Dr. Reichel the action “vaccination for Africa” from the association “Veterinarians Without Borders e.V.”. He brings his love and his commitment to small animals into his practice every day. Animal owners always find an open ear and suggestions for solutions for all questions and problems concerning their small animals.

Dr. Thomas Reichel

Merseburger Str
07743 Jena
Tel: 03641 5971200

Overview of their services:

If your animal is already ill, we take care of a fast and as gentle treatment as possible. In many cases, regular preventive examinations can contribute to the detection and treatment of early-stage diseases.

  • General examination and treatment of small animals and pets
  • VACCINATION with precautionary examination
  • Parasite prevention (fleas, ticks, worms, mites)
  • Implantation of a MICROCHIP and registration form for registration at TASSO
  • Issue of an EU-ID
  • ULTRASOUND investigation
  • Laboratory examinations via an external LABORATORY (blood samples, urine samples and faeces)
  • Soft tissue surgery (castration, foreign body surgery, tumor surgery, caisarean section, wound care, etc.)
  • DENTAL removal by scaler and polisher
  • Infusion Therapy for Intensive Patients
  • hospitalized
  • nutrition counseling
  • behavior advice
  • Preventive examination on patellar dislocation in dogs
  • Blood pressure measurement in dog and cat by Pet Map meter
  • Supply of veterinary – exclusive dietary diets (not commercially available)

Dr. Reichel is one of the professional vets. If you are not satisfied with this information, please read other reviews of 24 hour emergency vet hotline free by visiting here