Hearing Aid Adjustment in Own Acoustic Home

Every room and every hearing situation has its own acoustics. In addition, every coffee machine and every TV in its own way sounds. For our house visits, for example, the kitchen offers us a wealth of unique sounds and sound sources. With these we can work specifically and adjust the hearing aids at home specifically.

In the case of a private hearing healthcare professional, hearing aid adaptations with artificial noises take place. If the hearing system is set in the acoustic cabin, you must check the setting with the noise at home. You will take these experiences with you to your next visit to your acoustician and he makes corrections again. This is done until the setting is satisfactory.

VIATON does not use this form of testing because we can work directly with the noise on the spot. Whether at home, at work, in your spare time or wherever you have not found an optimal setting. By working with real noises, the hearing aid fitting home can be completed faster and more satisfactorily. As the example shows on the running water tap.

Own Acoustic Home

Check the energy label at home

Trust is good, control is better: the old proverb becomes highly actual when it comes to the verification of energy certificates. Because many people are still suspicious of this innovation and are confronted with countless questions, the Consumer Center has now opened a kind of review portal on its website.

“The quality of the certificates issued so far is not always given”, say energy consultant Rita-Maria Jünnemann and Heike Aßheuer from the tenant and lessors’ association in unison. Consumers’ advice therefore offers an online energy supply calculator (www.vz-nrw.de/energiebedarfsrechner) for the plausibility check of the energy certificate as a decision aid for tenants and buyers. If the value determined there deviates by more than 50 percent from the energy certificate, be careful with the object.

Questions on the topic of energy certification are answered by the consumer advice service at Oberenmünsterstraße by prior telephone consultation. On Thursdays from 5 to 6 pm, Heike Aßheuer is also on hand in consumer advice to answer questions. But caution: energy certificates must only be submitted for new leases or purchase and currently only for houses built before 1965. From January 1, 2009, however, apartments of earlier construction will also have to be recorded.

On Friday, 14 November, from 10 am to 3 pm, the consumer advisory office plans an information day on the topic of energy certification. Then all Castrop-Rauxeler are invited to send their questions to the experts free of charge.